Advance Planning / Preplanning

Why Should I Plan Ahead?

Taking care of the needs of a loved one at the time a death occurs can be very stressful and emotional to those left behind. Advanced planning provides two benefits: it saves your family the burden of making decisions during a time of grief, and you will also ensure your funeral arrangements reflect your personal wishes.

It’s easy
You can take your time creating arrangements that best suit your needs and preferences, and all you have to do is meet with a member of our staff to put your plan in place. Anyone can create a plan, at any stage in their life, and you can make changes at a later date if you wish.

It lets you decide how you’d like to be remembered.
Creating your own unique life celebration allows you to make sure that your wishes and desires are respected upon your passing. However you decide to be memorialized, pre-planning and preparation gives you control over the personal decisions that must be made when a person moves on from this life. Planning can be meaningful for your family, as well, if you choose to include them in the process. It can help them to feel connected to you both in life and in death, knowing that your arrangements reflect exactly what you envisioned them to be.

It takes the burden off of your family and friends.
When a loved one passes, the family faces an overwhelming number of tasks and decisions, all while struggling through grief and a range of difficult emotions. By taking care of your arrangements before the time of need, you’re relieving them of that burden and giving them more time and energy to focus on healing and remembrance. They won’t have to ask themselves, “Am I making the right choices?” and can instead focus on what matters: saying goodbye and celebrating your life journey with those who cared about you most.

It gives you the ability to pre-pay, if you wish.
While pre-funding your funeral is certainly not required in order to pre-plan, pre-payment means that your funds will be set aside and protected against inflation and unforeseen increases in cost. Your family won’t have to worry about payment, and can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of. We’d be happy to provide you with more information and help you arrange for pre-funding of your services.

What if I Move?

Once you create your pre-plan with us, we store it in our files as a record of your final wishes and decisions. Your plan is easily transferable to any funeral home in Canada, so it can be used wherever you might choose to relocate.  Your prearrangement will move with you, your money is safe and your beneficiary will receive it.

Where Do I Start?

You can schedule a time to meet with a member of our staff to discuss your options and design your plan in person or you can start simply by writing your wishes down and attach them to your will. Most family members want to do the right thing in regards to following your last wishes.