NEVEN, Doris Marianne

January 4, 1939 – February 17, 2022

Heartbroken, we are grieving the unimaginable loss of Manfred’s beloved dear wife of more than 61 years. Doris passed away peacefully on Thursday, February 17, 2022, after a massive stroke, followed by two months of suffering.

She leaves behind her husband, Manfred Neven; son, Knut Neven; daughter, Sonja Neven and her husband Jay Pugh; and twin granddaughters, Elisa and Josie Neven-Pugh.

Doris was born on January 4, 1939 in Geisa, Thuringia in Germany. Her mother passed away about ten days after her birth. After being cared for by some relatives for about a year, she was raised by her father and stepmother.

About two years after the Second World War had ended, Doris’ family escaped from the Russian occupied town of Geisa, Thuringia to her dad’s home town, the little village of Poppenhausen, in the American occupied province of Hessen. This is where she met Manfred for the first time while in primary school. About three years later, Doris and Manfred happened to learn together to play the guitar with the lessons provided at Doris’ home. In December 1954, Doris and Manfred fell in love, followed by engagement on Christmas Day in 1958, and were married in June 1960.

While her husband Manfred worked for various companies in various places and frequently being away for days or weeks, Doris devoted her life to raising the children and taking care of the home as they moved multiple times. In 1977, a new job brought the family to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; followed by new assignments to Blind River, Ontario in 1990, and Port Hope, Ontario 1994.

As Doris and Manfred frequently travelled to Alberta to see their twin granddaughters, Elisa and Josie born in 1995, a retirement in Alberta was seen as the preferred option. Prior to retirement in late 1999, Doris managed the building of the new home in Cochrane close to the grandchildren’s home and organized the moving. Doris enjoyed her retirement while being close to the grandchildren, watching them grow up, and helping the family whenever she could.

Her unexpected failure of health and subsequent passing leaves the family behind deeply grieving and devastated. Doris is remembered as the sunshine of Manfred’s life; a wonderful, loving wife; devoted and loving mother and grandmother.

A private family Celebration of Doris’ Life will be held at a later date.

Arrangements entrusted to Bridget Halfyard, Funeral Director

Cochrane Country Funeral Home – – 403-932-1039

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  1. On April 10, 2022 at 3:39 am Marita und Gerhard Schmitt Said:

    Lieber Manfred und Familie,
    zum Tode deiner lieben Frau und euerer Mutter sprechen wir unser Beileid aus. Leider haben wir uns nur kurz kennengelernt. Trotzdem beilbt uns Doris in lebendiger Erinnerung. Angesichts eures Schmerzes ist es nur schwer möglich, tröstende Worte zu finden. Immanuel Kant schreibt dazu: “Wer im Gedächtnis seiner Lieben lebt, der ist nicht tot, der ist nur fern. Tot ist nur, wer vergessen wird”. Wir wünschen euch viel Kraft, den schmerzlichen Verlust zu ertragen.
    Marita und Gerhard