CAMERON, Jody Bruce

December 9, 1969 – October 27, 2020

The world was made brighter on December 9, 1969 when Jody Bruce Cameron came into it, second born of Jim and Carol Cameron. And the world dimmed on October 27, 2020, when Jody left it. His children; Samantha, Hunter and Owen, carry his empathy, humour and energy. His love for his children surpassed everything, and his main concern was that they want for nothing.

After a few years at university, Jody found his true calling. The trades were where Jody shone brightly. What better gift than to give people warmth, shelter and running water, a gift Jody gave generously throughout his life.

His talents didn’t stop there and he was always at the ready to answer the call from family, friends and strangers for issues from freezing, flooding, broken vehicles and renovations. Jody was always willing to lend his hands, expertise and heart to help those in need.

An unsung hero.

His quest for knowledge found Jody absorbing literature from philosophy to nature, creating a contradiction between red neck persona and his philosophic, intellectual nature. His skill at weaving his knowledge and experiences into stories kept many mesmerized. His intelligence caught many off guard when you found yourself discussing tribal culture with the man lying on the kitchen floor fixing a sink, or the philosophy of different political structures as you were handing him some barbed wire to fix your engine enough to make it to the mechanics.

A traveller by nature, adventure found him often before he found it.  His next adventure started before the rest of us were ready.

A celebration of Jody’s life will be held in the spring.

Arrangements entrusted to Flo Simpson, Funeral Director

Cochrane Country Funeral Home – Ph: 403-932-1039

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  1. On December 28, 2020 at 12:23 pm Wendy & Bryan Rudolph Said:

    Jody, our wish for you was to recover after your health ordeal in the spring and early summer but that was not to be. We are forever grateful for the bright summer morning in July when we shared a coffee and muffins in your beautiful home near the original homestead. You will always be someone that we miss. May your soul be peaceful always and enjoy the heck out of your new journey. We send condolences to your family and friends. Love Auntie Wendy & Uncle Bryan.

  2. On December 31, 2020 at 8:29 am Barry, Mary & Ben Thomson Said:

    To the family and friends of Jody, we extend our heartfelt sorrow in his passing. Jody has been a friend for so many years and we enjoyed his humor, intelligence and expertise in many ways. We had great hopes his recovery would continue and we were grateful for the visits we had when he got home from hospital. Rest in peace Jody, you will be missed. Love Barry, Mary and Ben Thomson

  3. On January 5, 2021 at 8:14 pm Shelley Robertson Said:

    Jody, when I turn on my gas stove or when my heating system turns on, I think of you and am grateful. When you did a job for us, we knew that the job would be well done. When your children were in my class I always appreciated your thoughtful insight into them. I am very sad that your life was cut off short, but I am glad to have had a small part in it. Kind regards, Shelley Robertson

  4. On January 7, 2021 at 3:22 pm Larry Robertson family Said:

    Our deepest sympathy to everyone in Jody’s life, we hope you will find comfort in knowing the community is thinking of you and sending you our love.

  5. On January 8, 2021 at 10:33 am Grant and Dorit Bird Said:

    Our heartfelt condolences to Jodi’s immediate and extended family.
    Jodi’s smile lit up a room! His sense of knowledge, humour and dedication to help others and the community is something to remember.
    We are grateful to have known Jodi!
    Grant and Dorit Bird.

  6. On March 18, 2021 at 12:02 pm Karel Beckman Said:

    It was with profound sadness that I learned of Jody’s passing. I first met Jody when I was employed by Cremona Public Works and he was contracted to install a heating system for the emergency generator building. I was so impressed by the quality of his work that I asked him to supply and install a furnace in my home when mine needed to be replaced. During the past cold spells I count my blessings that Jody did such an excellent job. In fact, the install was done so neatly that it is a joy to behold. Hopefully I will never require another contractor for my furnace as I am sure that none will ever measure up to the quality that I received from Jody. Mountain view county has lost a fine craftsman. Karel Beckman