Why Pre-Plan now? What are the benefits?

Taking care of the needs of a loved one at the time a death occurs can be very stressful and emotional to those left behind. Pre-Planning allows the family to grant the wishes of their loved ones – including the music, type of service and other preferences.

One the main reasons for advanced planning is that you can take the necessary time in pre-arranging a funeral.  Most funeral homes will provide information over the phone or by mail, there also are many sites on-line that provide information on pre-planning.

Advanced planning provides two benefits: it saves your family the burden of making decisions during a time of grief, and you will also ensure your funeral arrangements reflect your personal wishes.  There are a variety of ways to prearrange your funeral:

  • Prearrange your funeral with the help of a funeral home.  You may pay in advance, or buy a life insurance or annuity policy to pay for your funeral.
  • Set our your wishes in a letter of instruction for your next of kin or executor to follow after your death.  You may also set aside money at a financial institution to pay for the funeral.
  • Ask a funeral home or a memorial society to keep a list of your wishes on file for a quick reference at the time of death.  In such cases no money changes hands.
  • It should be noted that at the time of death any prearrangement may be altered by the next of kin or personal representative (executor).  Be sure to tell your next of kin and personal representative executor about your wishes.