Basic Service Description

The following guide should assist any person who will make funeral arrangements or preplan a funeral. We make every attempt to keep our prices low while maintaining the best quality products and services. We are a Calgary family owned funeral business that has succeeded by hard work and building an excellent reputation. We are proud of our no pressure policy as well as our knowledgeable, professional and outstanding staff.

We make every attempt to purchase our products from independent Canadian suppliers which helps us maintain high standards and low prices. Our policy is to ensure you have all the information you need to make any decision and not to pressure you in any way.

There are three groups of charges that any family can expect to pay for a funeral: Professional Services, Disbursements and Merchandise.

A portion of the cost of any funeral, regardless of how simple or elaborate, is the basic service fee. This fee goes to pay for the many fixed overhead costs associated with running the funeral home. Our overhead includes our physical costs, but more importantly our experienced staff and the time they spend with you.

The following is a summary of the most common services we offer.
Basic Service Fee, Arrangement Time, Administration, and Basic Documentation
Embalming and Sanitation
Preparations for Viewing (Dressing, Cosmetics)
Facilitation of the Family Viewing/ Public Visitation/Prayers
Facilitation of the Funeral or Memorial Service
Facilitation of the Graveside Services
Funeral Stationery (Register Book, Memorial Folders, Maps, Thank You Cards)
Funeral Vehicle (Lead/Clergy Vehicle)
Funeral Coach (Hearse)
Funeral Limousine (Family)
Funeral Limousine (Casket bearers)

The following is a summary of the funeral merchandise we provide:
– Caskets
– Outer Burial Containers
– Urns
– Urn Vaults
– Keepsake Jewelry
– Memorials (Headstones and Monuments)

Disbursements are funeral costs that are not associated with the funeral home. We have highlighted a few of these items for your information. As the funeral home has no control over these costs, we encourage you to discuss these items with your funeral director who has valuable information specific to your needs. These items are often added to the funeral invoice to save the family time and inconvenience.

a) Cemeteries

Cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Calgary
– Burnsland Cemetery – 27 Avenue and Spiller Road SE, Calgary AB (next to Union Cemetery)
– Chinese Cemetery – Erlton and Macleod Trail SW Calgary
– Queen’s Park Cemetery – Main office for all City of Calgary Cemeteries 403-221-3660
32 Avenue and 4 Street NW, Calgary AB
– Queen’s Park Mausoleum – Located in Queen’s Park Cemetery, 32 Avenue and 4 Street NW, Calgary AB
– St. Mary’s Cemetery – Erlton Street and 32 Avenue SE, Calgary AB
– Union Cemetery – 28 Avenue and Spiller Road SE, Calgary AB

Cemeteries owned and operated by the Rocky View County 403-285-0660:
– The Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery 403-285-0660 – 16th Avenue. (Highway #1 East) and Garden Road N.E. (100 Street N.E.).
– Bottrel Cemetery – located ½ mile south of the Bottrel General Store
– Dalemead Cemetery – nestled in a thicket of bushes, at the top of a hill north of the Hamlet of Dalemead

Corporate Cemeteries owned and operated by Memorial Gardens Canada (Arbor Canada) of Toronto, ON:
– Mountain View Memorial Gardens 403-272-5555 – 17 Avenue at Garden Road SE, Calgary
– Eden Brook Memorial Gardens 403-217-3700 – 17 Avenue at Lower Springbank Road SW, Calgary

The towns of Okotoks, High River, Airdrie, Cochrane, Canmore and Strathmore have town cemeteries.

b) Newspaper Notices
Newspaper notices (obituaries) let the public know that the death has occurred and when services will take place. They also make the death a matter of public record and can aid in tracing family histories in the years to come. The preparation of obituaries and coordination with the newspaper is included in the funeral home’s basic service fee. The price of the actual obit is billed to the family at cost.

c) Honoraia
An honorarium is a payment made to a professional who performs a service on behalf of the family but has no set fee. This fee is normally paid by the funeral home upon consultation with the family and billed along with the other funeral charges. A sample of who would receive a payment and a guideline of what would be considered an acceptable starting range would be as follows:
Clergyman – $250 minimum
Church – varies
Organist – $125 minimum
Soloist – $125 minimum
Bagpiper – $175 minimum

d) Transportation
If a death has occurred away from home, there will be transportation fees to repatriate the remains. There may also be fees from the local funeral home at the place of death.

e) Government Certificates
Government certificates are needed only in special circumstances. Nearly all agencies which need proof of death (Death Certificate) to settle an estate will use the “Funeral Director’s Statement of Death,” a number of which are included in your basic service fee. Your funeral director can let you know if other certificates are needed and how much they cost.